Summer 2016 artsBASICS Scholarships

Summer 2016 artsBASICS Scholarships

Mark News

2016 Scholarship recipients – photo by Bruce Walters

Pictured are Isis Theisen and Arissa Lancaster, from Central High School, among other students, at the Summer Drawing Program, a collaboration between the Figge and Western Illinois University. Bruce Walters, Western Illinois instructor and well-known area artist, features here a triptych drawing created by the students during his class. Over $1400 in artsBASICS scholarships were given to the following artsBASICS schools’ students, to increase their arts education in a variety of opportunities given by the following arts education partners.

We applaud these students for their commitment and the partners who have provided these opportunities for our artsBASICS students, using our annual scholarships funding, provided through funds from our annual fundraiser event at the Figge Art Museum.

Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities:

Gracie Richards CAA Script Writing
Maddy Phelps CAA Script Writing
Gage McCalester CAA Singing in Character
Central High School: Lea Grady Figge Drawing Program
Arissa Lancaster Figge Drawing Program
Isis Theisen Figge Drawing Program
Harrison Elementary: Tatiyana Gambleton Figge- 4-classes (Drawing, Painting, Mixed
Media, Printmaking)
Suly Morales Figge- 2 classes
(Drawing, Painting)
Jackson Elementary: Emma Villapando Figge- Drawing
Eriq Coblentz Figge- Drawing
Caleb Steward Figge-Printmaking
Jason Nissen Figge- Mixed media
Eddie Husar Figge- Drawing Calle Reimers Figge- Printmaking
McKinley Elementary: Owen Kuhn Figge- Drawing
Isabella Schafer Davenport Jr. Theatre
Ethan Strobbe Davenport Jr. Theatre
Sudlow Intermediate School: Elise Dorrance Figge-Cartooning
Monifah Ponton Figge- Cartooning
Mercedez Stanger Figge- Drawing
AJ Schar Figge-Drawing
Malaysha Shelton Figge-Drawing
Juan Serano Figge- Printmaking
Spencer Lykum Junior Theatre

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