Schoeneman Award 2016

Schoeneman Award 2016

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Schoeneman Award Presented to Dr. Art Tate

Congratulations to Dr. Art Tate, Davenport Community Schools Superintendent, on receiving the Lloyd Schoeneman “Arts Educator” Award through Quad City Arts!

Joel Franken, Director of the Creative Arts Academy, wrote in his nomination:

“I have been working forty plus years in various capacities in arts education. I have worked for several administrators who have inspired me, but none like Dr. Arthur Tate of the Davenport Community School District. I have been inspired by his leadership style of knowing what is going on in his district. He is literally in classrooms every day the schools are open. He knows and inspires his large staff by example.

As the Director of the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities, I must say that we owe our existence to consistent support of the Davenport Board of Education and the leadership and direction of Superintendant Tate. My wife, Diane, often says that the stars had to align to get the Creative Arts Academy up and going. We both say that Dr. Tate is the brightest star in the alignment!!

Dr. Tate has shown the capacity to sell a unique creative concept to his board, community leaders, donors, parents and staff at a time when educational finances pose real challenges! In light of this, he has also facilitated a new Performing Arts Center at Central High School, which is partnering with the Creative Arts Academy and offered constant support of a partnership with artsBASICS in increasing the access of students to all of the arts. Most recently, he has supported a new alliance between artsBASICS, the Kennedy Center Partners in Education and the Davenport district to work together in furthering arts education for their students.

Dr. Tate is very deserving and I wish to nominate him for the Art Educator Award for 2016-17.

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