Fall Fest 2018 Creative Arts Academy of the QC

Fall Fest 2018 Creative Arts Academy of the QC

Diane Franken News

October 25, was the “in” scene for the night, at the Creative Arts Academy of the QC, an artsBASICS School, highlighting and celebrating performances by 6th, 7th & 8th grade students in their new facility!  Doubling the space for the school has resulted in bringing back the dance curriculum to new heights with a professional studio atmosphere, holding mirrors all around the room and a designated dance flooring.  Parents and friends were entertained by dance, theatre, and music performances, along with the ability to view Visual and Communication & Media arts from both middle school students and high school CAA students and the opportunity to visit the various teachers and classrooms to see other on-going student projects, as well.

Art work by local artist, Bruce Walters, was also on display for the month with some of his incredible banners in a new program at the school that gives area artists a public venue for their work and an opportunity for CAA students to meet the artist and hear them talk about their work and ask questions presented by the students.

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