CAA Students Create Relief Sculpture

CAA Students Create Relief Sculpture

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Visiting Artist Gail Ray – Louise Nevelson Exploration

Students explored the life of artist Louise Nevelson and developed a collaborative art piece. Visiting artist Gail Ray and assistant John provided students the opportunity to build and construct individual abstract works of art that combine to produce art with a big impact! Students considered composition as they created works with a variety of shapes and textures. This wonderful art piece is installed at the Creative Arts Academy.

Vanessa German/Figge Collaboration (photos to be sent by teacher – I will forward) This is an ongoing project!

We have been invited to collaborate with the Figge Art Museum to design a fully immersive installation exhibit in conjunction with the summer exhibition by contemporary artist, Vanessa German. The exhibit will be installed in Studio 1 to serve as an interactive component for museum visitors. This exhibit will open in May and run through the summer months.

Students are focusing on the following essential questions:

  • How can we design an interactive space that is inspired by the themes found in Vanessa German’s work?
  • How can we communicate our dreams for our community within a museum space?
  • What is interconnected in our lives and our community?
  • How can our installation exhibit reach a diverse audience?

Students have been assessing what they know and need to know about the challenge of designing a fully immersive installation exhibit. Their work has been guided by professional experts in museum programming, education, and art. Students are designing imagery to be placed on a physical structure inspired by Vanessa German’s Art House utilizing both mosaic and digital art methods as their primary media. The imagery has been generated by students based on what they cherish in their community. We will also design a collaborative sculpture installation and community artmaking opportunity. This element will represent hopes and dreams for the future of our community. Each museum visitor who experiences this space will be invited to participate in the construction of this sculpture.


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