Brank Boeshaar Scholarships Announced

Brank Boeshaar Scholarships Announced

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Greetings Students!

I am happy to announce the recipients of this year’s Brand Boeshaar Scholarships.

We had a very tough competition this year with many high-level art students.  Each student’s portfolio was reviewed by our judging committee, with the individual judges privately ranking their top 6 portfolio selections.  The scoring for your portfolios is done through this ranking system.  Three of the 4 portfolios with the most “points” each receive a Brand Boeshaar Scholarship in the amount of $12,000 ($3,000 annually over four years for the institution of your choice) and are from the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities and listed below.  The two portfolios who rank 5th & 6th in points receive honorable mentions for the Brand Boeshaar Scholarship, and are the recipients of the Don Heggen Memorial Scholarship, which has a $500 cash value.

The 2020 results are as follows…


Isabelle M. Brand Scholarship: Lena Dybro, Davenport Central HS, Creative Arts Academy

Lucille Brand Boeshaar Scholarship: Lucas Teasdale, Davenport Central HS, Creative Arts Academy

William Brand Boeshaar Scholarship: Hope Van Patten, Davenport Central HS, Creative Arts Academy


Thank you all for your hard work during this application process.  We have been consistently impressed by the talent of our local art students and wish you all the very best in the future. Due to current conditions, we are unable to host an awards ceremony and reception as planned.  We are currently planning on the student portfolios having a virtual presence on our website, and will also publica ly announce the scholarship results. Our hearts are with you as you complete your senior years under extraordinary circumstances!


With thanks and congratulations,

Heather Aaronson


Heather Aaronson|Education Programs Coordinator,  Figge Art Museum


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