2019 artsBASICS Summer Arts Integration Institute: “Teaching the Language of Music”

2019 artsBASICS Summer Arts Integration Institute: “Teaching the Language of Music”

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Our 2019 Summer Teacher Arts Integration Institute: “Teaching the Language of Music” was a HUGE success! Presenter Marcia Daft, artist/teacher from the Kennedy Center captured the teachers with her strategies for integrating music into their particular classroom make-up. Arts Integration was demonstrated to a “live” class of volunteer area students all three days of the seminar which enabled the teachers to “see” the benefits of this method of teaching. We share, below, the evaluation quotes we received from our participants:



Jamie Snarr:
“I am so glad that I was able to attend the arts Basics workshop entitled “Teaching the Music of Language.” I learned so much and am excited to implement several of the ideas and methods in my own classroom. The instructor was outstanding and so knowledgeable and experienced. The way she presented the material was very engaging. I was interested for the entire 3 days, and the time flew by. I am very picky about how I spend my precious summer days, and this workshop was worth every bit of my time! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand how to integrate the arts into teaching in a very realistic way.”

Olga Foster:
“I came to your school for the very first time, only hearing about it once in a great while here and there. I also came to this workshop not knowing what to expect and I was not disappointed!

Thank you very much for providing such a great opportunity to all the teachers in the district. It was time well spent and a pleasure to participate with such delightful hosts and wonderful Marcia. Your facility is a perfect place for these kinds of opportunities.”

“I found the workshop pacing to be spot on. Sometimes new materials are introduced at such a rapid pace as to be unusable – too many thoughts & ideas can blur together. The structure/pacing/content was delivered with clarity and proper time to absorb and recall for future use.”

“I found the information provided to be universal to all curriculum and all levels. This is uncommon in workshops.”

“All students must express themselves. Arts integrated education employs that expression – in fact – it requires it! Old school, industrial style learning squelches expression & creativity. Arts integrated teaching/learning creates stronger relationships to learning and more student ownership of the process.”

“The instructor was absolutely amazing! She was so knowledgeable and gave such great “real” application strategies. The workshop allowed for lots of participation.”

“I gave an excellent rating because of the instructor, the material covered, & the way it actually applied to what we are doing in the classroom. I loved the demonstration with students.”

“Arts integration make everything so much more engaging. It helps students make deeper connections to the content areas.”

“Marcia Daft is a master teacher. Making a difference to all teachers who learn from her. I have experienced nothing but the best from the Kennedy Center! So inspiring & giving life-changing strategies. AMAZING!”



Celebration of Quad City Arts Dollars Grant Recipients for 2019.  Co-Founders and Directors, Diane and Joel Franken accepted for artsBASICS!

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