2017 Scholarships

2017 Scholarships

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Area students received 35 Scholarships from artsBASICS for 2017 Summer Arts Experiences


(Venues for summer student workshops included the Figge  and the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities)

Musical Theatre for Tweens — Instructor:  Alex McCarthy

For all middle school students who love to sing and act! Participants learned what it would be like to land a role, studied and performed major musical numbers geared specifically for tweens.  The workshop concluded with a performance.




Script Writing — Instructor:  Alex McCarthy

Participants who have dreamed of telling a great story of their own and writing professionally, learned what makes a great story plot and wrote short scripts geared for students their own age.

The Art of Wizardry — Instructor:  Sydney Crumbleholm

Students climbed aboard the HogwARTs Express, worked with an assortment of materials and created a variety of “Harry Potter” related projects.  Participants designed their own wands and painted a wizarding pet of their choice.  Additional projects included dragon eggs, potion bottles, and more!  Creativity was highly encouraged, as each “witch” or “wizard” was unique!

School                                   Student’s Name      Scholarship     Amount


Kaylee Tice                  Careers in Animation                $90  PD

Sarelle Fredenburg     Art in the Middle –Sculpture  $50  PD

Isabelle Critten           Art In the Middle- Sculpture   $50  PD

Natavia Brown            Careers in Animation                $90  PD

Gage McCalester        Musical Theatre for Tweens     $85  PD

Croix Baker                 Junior Composers                       $80  PD

Payton LeGrand          Junior Composers                      $55  PD

$500 PD

Central HS

Grace Carr                  Summer Drawing Program     $50 PD

Cloe Wheeler            Summer Drawing Program    $50 PD

Mayaysha Shelton        Summer Drawing Program    $50 PD

Hannah Cruz               Summer Drawing Program    $50 PD

All-State Entries (4)  Balsar (1) Ott (1) Sayles (2)     $100 PD

$300 PD


Meg Saskowski                From Story to Storyboarding        $80 PD

Regan Snarr                     From Story to Storyboarding       $80 PD

Molly Isaacson                From Story to Storyboarding       $80 PD

Evan Collins                    Intro to Scriptwriting                    $60 PD

Will Knight                       Intro to Scriptwriting                    $60 PD

Dulcie Mercer                  Intro to Scriptwriting                   $60 PD

Anthony Katzenburger From Story to Storyboarding       $80 PD

$500 PD


Collin Sperry               Sculpture Figge                       $50 PD

Hailey Sperry              Sculpture Figge                       $50 PD

Drew Schiltz                Printmaking Figge                   $50 PD

Kenzie Riley                 Printmaking Figge                   $50 PD

Lee Nelson                  Painting Figge                            $50 PD

Eshanika Sharma        Drawing Figge                         $50 PD


$300 PD


Hayden Hunt               The  Art of Wizardry               $60 PD

Hannah Lidell              Jr. Theater Fairy Tales            $100 PD

William Contois          Story to Storyboarding            $80 PD

Zoe Werdeman           The Art of Wizardry                  $60 PD

Kylie McGinnis            Art in the Middle  Painting     $50 PB

Savannah Vogel           Art in the Middle  Drawing)   $50 PB

$400 PD



RehemaZabibu              Explosive Character               $75 PD

Yesenia Tellez Chavez   Story to Storyboarding         $80 PD

Natalie Cook                  Explosive Character               $75 PD

Toby Wood                     Explosive Character              $75 PD

Madison Schreiner       Explosive Character              $75 PD

Alex Smith                      Explosive Character              $75 PD

$455 PD

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