2015 Scholarships

2015 Scholarships

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2015 Scholarships Given…
artsBASICS Grants Scholarships to Area Students

During a recent artsBASICS board of directors meeting Joel Franken reported on the Summer 2015 artsBASICS Scholarship grants. These scholarships, funded by sponsors, donors and fundraising efforts of artsBASICS were distributed through Harrison, Jackson and McKinley elementary schools, Sudlow Middle School and to the Creative Arts Academy. All schools were allotted $200 to distribute as the schools saw fit. The scholarships ended up funding activities and learning opportunities for the students selected at the following venues: The Figge Art Museum, Davenport Junior Theatre and Belle Academy of Dance.

Summer 2015 artsBASICS Scholarships
School Recipient Scholarship Amount
Creative Arts Academy Mayli Grady Figge – Drawing Camp WIU $50.00
Ronni Lugo Figge – Drawing Camp WIU $50.00
Maya Roberts Figge – Sculpture (Middle) $50.00
Harrison Elementary Samijel Corbadzic Figge – Four classes $135.00
Bekah Riewerts Belle Academy of Dance $65.00
Jackson Elementary Kiernan DeVos Figge – Drawing $50.00
Chloe Jones Figge – Sculpture $50.00
Jaelyn Landcaster Figge – Sculpture $50.00
Camryn Platt Figge – Sculpture $50.00
McKinley Elementary Jozlynn Ellis Figge – Drwaing $50.00
Abigail Hankes Figge – Painting $50.00
Xion Owens Holst Davenport Jr. Theatre-Acting $100.00
Yesenia Chavez Figge – Drawing $50.00
Sudlow Middle School Briaunna Hollingshed Figge – Cartooning $50.00
Kevon Jack Figge – Drawing $50.00
Skye Brown Figge – Sculpture $50.00
Faith Kulesh-Orr Figge – Drwaing $50.00

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