Month: March 2019

Yoga and Dance Inspire Jackson Elementary Students

Diane Franken News

One of our artsBASICS school’s, Jackson Elementary, invited these two young men from the Healthy Kindness Tour (Rock Island) to present an assembly where they taught the children about the importance of daily attendance, kindness and healthy choices through yoga and dance.  Interesting to hear the reaction thank-you letters from several students and especially how… continue reading »

Slam Poetry artist Toney Jackson from Piscataway, New Jersey meets with CAA Students at Sudlow Intermediate

Diane Franken News

                     Poetry Performance/ Workshop: Students explored the link between Language Arts and History, as they experienced and learned about the power of poetry. The focus of the presentation centered on the CONTENT, COMMUNICATION, and CONSTRUCTION of written and spoken pieces. The presenter, Toney Jackson, from Piscataway, New… continue reading »

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