Month: May 2018

Garfield Elementary & CAA Students Collaborate with Animation, Myths and the Visual Arts

Diane Franken News

7th Grade Communication & Media Arts students traveled to Garfield Elementary to share their animated mythical birds and myths. Using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, students designed and animated birds originally created by 3rd grade art students from Garfield Elementary. (Story submitted by CAA Communication Media teacher, Colleen McCarty-Tomlinson)                   … continue reading »

Students to Curate Figge CARE World-Wide Peace Exhibit

Diane Franken News

  Photo:  Youth from CARE”s peace building program in Sri Lanka, funded through the “Facing Difference Challenge”, created self-portraits, alongside their peers from around the world. This August, Students Rebuild is excited to be partnering on the Facing Difference culmination with the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa! In a unique exhibit creatively curated by middle school… continue reading »

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