Month: March 2018

Visiting Artists: Tesla, Delight CAA Students

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          On Monday, March 5, The Tesla Quartet treated CAA 8th graders to a performance at the Creative Arts Academy. The quartet performed a 15-minute piece by Hungarian modernist composer Bela Bartok. Members of the quartet spoke with students about Bartok’s unique style, the importance of non-verbal communication as a member of a team… continue reading »

Virtual Reality Field Trip

Diane Franken News

7th & 8th Grade Communication & Media Arts students at the CAA visited the Moline Public Library on Monday, March 12th to experience the “I-74 River Bridge: A Virtual Experience,” a virtual reality tour of the new I-74 bridge.   The intense, immersive virtual environment makes it possible for the Iowa DOT and other agencies to give you a more… continue reading »

CAA Students Enjoy QCArts Visiting Pianist and Local Alum

Diane Franken News

More than 50 7th Grade CAA students made their way to the River Music Experience on Tuesday, March 6 to enjoy a performance by Corey Kendrick. Corey Kendrick is a pianist, composer, recording artist, and educator currently living in Detroit, MI. He is a native of Park View, Iowa, and a North Scott High School alum…. continue reading »

Creative Arts Academy Student Reacts to Positive Audition Letter

Diane Franken News

    The video shows the reaction of student, Parker LeGrand, as she learns of her recent acceptance as an incoming 6th grader for the 2018 – 2019 year at the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities. Parker auditioned into the Music Division with a vocal solo. Parker’s sister, Payton, is a current CAA student… continue reading »

Past Projects

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Accomplishments: artsBASICS Schools with Artists & Partner Organizations 2017 – 2018 Elementary hosted 150 students from the Central High School Marching Band performance and “hands-on” student experiences with their instruments Elementary 4th grade musical, “Multi-cultural — It’s a Small World” Elementary teachers video-taped their use of classroom strategies from the artsBASICS Teacher Arts Summer Integration… continue reading »

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