Free-to-use Arts Integration Lesson Plans

The following links provide lessons, integrating the visual arts with other curricula areas, were created by participants in our 2018 artsBASICS Summer Arts Integration Seminar who also received credit from St. Ambrose. Please feel free to adapt any of these lessons in your classes and join us next June for our 2019 Seminar at the new location of one of our schools, the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities next to the Figge Art Museum!

2nd Grade – Language Arts-Music-Visual Arts-Interpretation Mood(Amy Koch)

2nd Grade – Literature-Music-Visual Arts-Expressive Qualities Convey Intent(Amy Koch)

3rd Grade – Music-Culture-History-Visual Arts-Context for Understanding(Rochelle Schrader)

5th Grade – Music-Visual Arts-Interpret & Foreshadowing(Rochelle Schrader)

6th Grade Resource-Writing-Explanatory Texts-Visual Arts-Explanatory Texts, Perception(Amy Sakowski)

6th Grade Resource- Writing-Convey Expression & Events-Visual Arts(Amy Sakowski)

6th Grade – Visual Arts-Language Arts-Social Studies-Self-Portraits to Convey Context, Meaning, Inquiry(Heidi Hernandez)

8th Grade – Visual Arts-Social Studies-Language Arts-Protest Art, Persuasion & Social Justice(Heidi Hernandez)

8th Grade – Pre-Algebra-Visual Arts-Compare & Contrast to Infer(Erin Gehret)

8th Grade – Science (Fossil Record)-Visual Arts-Compare & Contrast to Interpret(Erin Gehret)

8th Grade – Social Studies-Visual Arts-Arguments Based on Credible Sources(Tracy Sandon)

8th Grade – Social Studies-Visual Arts-Themes: Analysis of Relevant Information(Tracy Sandon)